SkillTree Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Company Overview

SkillTree Corporate Services Private Limited is a consulting firm addressing all HR needs under one roof. We provide a wide range of client services that are delivered through our integrated suite of leadership services. The company and its people are consistently delivering value to the various individuals, organizations, enterprises, group of organizations across Bangalore. We at SkillTree Corporate Services Private Limited ensure the highest degree of commitment to all our clients and make sure that all our efforts are oriented towards value maximization of the various stakeholders. Our growth is linked to that of our clients’- “if our clients’ succeed, we succeed”. Our focus is to get the best result for our clients. At SkillTree Corporate Services, we visualize, plan and create solutions before we deploy them for the clients. We provide personalized services to its clients and maintain confidentiality on a need basis. The Human Resource Department is committed to providing leadership and highquality service company’s staff by assessing their needs and proactively addressing those needs through developing, delivering and continuously improving human resource programs that promote and support the Company’s vision. We carry out this mission with professionalism, integrity, and responsiveness. SkillTree Corporate Services Private Limited is acting as a conduit between the organizations and job seekers across Bangalore. We have handled professionals in IT and Non-IT domains till date, bridging the barriers of connectivity. mission Our mission is to provide the Customer centricity through our people, processes, and strategies. Vision Our Vision is to be a globally recognized consulting firm, providing innovative HR solutions to organizations and be a partner in their success. Our Values
  • Loyalty
  • Team Spirit
  • Integrity
  • People Focus
  • Commitment